Genre: Rock/Grunge/Alternative /Hard Rock
Country: Greece
Label: –
Year: 2019

It seems very easy for us to put a label on music as an attempt to categorize it. Personally, I’m not totally against this, especially regarding bands that I don’t know, just because you get to have a glimpse of what you’re about to hear and decide whether it suits your taste or not. Artists tend to find this somewhat restrictive but for listeners it serves as a baseline for illuminating music, so long that it doesn’t make it more unclear. That being said, there’s no other, more misleading label than “female fronted”. I mean, what’s the one thing that bands like Arch Enemy and Nightwish, Holy Moses or Avatarium, share in common? The fact that a woman is responsible for handling and delivering vocals doesn’t give us any right to make assumptions about which direction the band is headed musically neither gives us any clue about the band’s identity as a whole. That’s also the case with newcomers, Empty Guns, singer, Stacy Mousakian. Her voice quality seems like a perfect fit for the band’s rock sounding music direction. Dimitris Oikonomou plays the guitar, with Dimitris Karagiorgos behind the kit and Duke on the bass. The band was just formed last year and this particular EP is their attempt to formally introduce themselves to the public. Their playing style could be described as alternative rock with lots of rock ‘n’ roll, even grunge touches here and there. Song structure is pretty straightforward, whilst their tunes are catchy, a thing that’s regarded as a plus, especially considering the genre they’ve chosen to serve. Production is crystal clear, making sure that any instruments and vocals are showcased in the given space of the mix. Of course some improvements could be made upon composition but, if as stated by them, they’re here to stay, we’ll wait so we can hear their first finished work, keeping in mind this first, positive taste.