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Αnaal Nathrakh – Desideratum


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Genre: Chaotic masterpiece
Country: England
Label: Metal Blade Records
Year: 2014

Nikos Kazantzakis was right when he pointed out: “You’ve got the paintbrushes, you’ve got the colors, paint heaven and get inside”. Anaal Nathrakh’s way of thinking was probably in the spirit of the phrase above, although they changed the original idea a bit. They had the colors, they had the paintbrushes, they painted the most infernal heaven and then they shoved us inside… The transfer of the year was made this summer and Metal Blade deserves all the credit for including this venomous duo in their artists’ bill. The band has already showed us what they’re all about and their music suffocates when tried to be listed under a certain category. It is too extreme to be categorized as death/black and even grindcore seems unable to harbor their rapid compositions.

It’s time for those of you who never had the pleasure of listening to any of their seven past albums to face the beast. “Desideratum” has topped even their past black sagas. Prose is unable to give a description for bands like this, not even one to scratch the surface. So maybe it would be better if I tried to approach them in a different way, through vivid surrealistic images.

And what comes to my mind is the universe’s fusion just a few seconds before the big bang, just before the balance between protons and neutrons was disturbed, when stardust covered space. That’s the time and space and that’s the dimension that I mentally place this wild fury that my speakers gush out when the possessed intro “Acheronta movebimus” passes the torch to “Unleash”.

All their unique features are present once again, the chaotic atmosphere, the supersonic speeds, the (again and again)torn vocals which I call vocals only in order for us to understand one another even though they can’t pass as such, the constant rhythm changes, the clean vocals which have a more diverse role now and leave a crack for a few sunrays to come in before the scene turns black again by the new and even more eerie howls, the solos that come out of the blue, the juggernaut drums, the frequencies in the background, the narrations by weird creatures, the solid production, all the elements that have established this band are here. The difference is found within the core of the compositions that seem to be better-worked than ever before. Anaal Nathrakh have managed to put an order in chaos, giving us inconceivable moments of rejoicing. It takes a lot of craving and talent to write this kind of music, which is not unnatural in an obvious way and fake but on the contrary is complex, imaginative, versatile but more importantly honest and that’s where all the abyssal hatred comes from. The cruel and violent everyday life the way Anaal Nathrakh experience and print it on the pentagram.

Take all the labels that the music industry invents and throw them in a dumpster and while you’re there throw away everything you have read so far, do yourself a favor and get “Desideratum” and I’m sure you’re not going to regret it. We’re talking about the best album of the year by far (in my list, it has dethroned even Septic Flesh’s “Titan”), a colossal masterpiece and if you can get used to V.i.t.r.i.o.l.’s bloodstained throat (now he sounds even melodic to me!!!), you will wake up and go to sleep under the sounds of this album.

The only thing I’m not sure of is whether “Unleash” or “Idol”, or maybe “The joystream” is the album’s top moment but who really cares? If a tornado tears your house apart and that takes 40 minutes to happen, (this is how long “Desideratum” pretty much lasts for)would you care about the exact moment that your house gave in to nature’s fury or the final outcome?
What the hell is this thing they created….


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