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Hello From The Gutter

Lifeless Dark – Who Will Be The Victims? Demo

Genre: Punk/Thrash metal Country: U.S.A. Label: Unsigned/independent Year: 2018 Lifeless Dark comes from Boston, Massachusetts and features members from No Tolerance and Green Beret. This is their first...

Chronobot – Satan’s Hollow EP 2019

Genre: Doom metal/ Stoner Country: Canada Label: unsigned/ independent Year: 2019 For fans of: Cathedral, Orange Goblin, Dukes of Nothing It is well-known that Canada has given birth to...

Arcanevil – Howling Death Onslaught

Genre: Black/ Thrash Metal Country: Canada Label: Lost Lizard Records For fans of: Darkthrone (2013-2019), Exodus, Deathhammer As we have said several times, Canada is a heavy metal...

Marécages – Marais Juana – Une Ode Cannabique EP

Genre: Sludge/ Doom metal Country: Canada Label: Unsigned/independent Year: 2019 For fans of: Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard, Karma to Burn It's no more a surprise! Another band from Canada...

Hello From The Gutter: “Formidable Darkness” by Red Death

Genre: Thrash Metal/ Crossover Country: U.S.A. Label: Triple-B Records Year: 2017 For fans of: D.R.I., Powertrip, S.O.D. Crossover is a music genre that came and went too fast from...