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The Old Enough, The Unnoticed And The Devil’s Soundtrack”

Opprobrium: “Serpent Temptation” 1988’s Original & 1996’s Alternate Version

Opprobrium is a “difficult” moniker especially when everyone knows you as Incubus which is catchier and your story is as old as old is...

Trial – Scream for Mercy EP

I Swear to Say the Truth and Nothing but the Truth so… Scream For Mercy If  we want to be honest Trial should be a name...

Grave – As Rapture Comes

Grave is one of the greatest Swedish death metal bands ever existed part of the so called Big 4 (Entombed, Unleashed and Dismember obviously...

Paradise Lost – Icon

'Icon'’s 30th anniversary brought a discussion on the limits of the rights on any artwork by a label (as we specifically talk about music)....

Malokarpatan – Vertumnus Caesar

There’s a great book which praises traditional ritual and magical myths and fairytales of the peasants in central Greece entitled “Pagan Beliefs in the...