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Πνευματική Διάψευση/Spiritual Contradiction – Ανεξίτηλα Σημάδια +2 (Indelible Marks +2)


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”Indelible Marks” first released in 1995 as a Demo Tape. Originally recorded in the period December 1994 / April 1995. The cover songs were recorded in January 1999. Both recordings were made at Studio 5.


1. Κι Αν Κλείσεις Τα Μάτια (Even If You Close Your Eyes)
2. Όνειρα & Ελπίδες (Dreams & Hopes)
3. Σκέψεις Άγνοιας (Thoughts Of Ignorance)
4. Δίχως Αύριο (No Tomorrow)
5. Ψάχνοντας Διέξοδο (Looking For A Way Out)
6. Αναμνήσεις Ενός Νεκρού (Memories Of A Dead Man)
7. Λέρος (Leros) – Cover Of Stress 02:27
8. Μπασταρδοκρατία (Bastardocracy) – Cover Of Chaos Generation

Line up:
Alexis – Guitar / Voice On Track 8
Haris – Voice
Giorgos – Bass / Voice On Track 7
Akis – Drums

”Indelible Marks” released by Now Or Never Records on May of 2014.

Apostolis Mokas
Apostolis Mokas
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