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1000mods – Jaw Bones – Embargo Saturday 31.05.2014 Thessaloniki


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A few days back (Saturday 31/05/14) I attended to the live concert of 1000mods in Salonica at Eightball live stage. And the reason I wanted so to see that gig is that 1000mods are one of the rightful represents of the Greek stoner music scene and one of the bands that you are glad that exist and keep trying for the best of their music. 1000 mods’s id is well known. Long length tracks and endless riffs that (unfortunately) is possible sometimes to bore even the most fanatic of their audience… Nevertheless it was a good and enjoyable live, maybe I had too high expectations, I don’t know…maybe I would want them to be more communicative with the fans… but then again I guess someone has the right to have his own style.

The live gig was arranged on the occasion of their new album’s release VULTURES (read the album’s report by George Triantafillidis here) which in my opinion is a really great work. But more than their new songs they also performed some from their first album and older songs, that rouse the audience and get the dance moves started. Yep…I’ve made my mind…it was a good choice for me being there…nice live, nicer music, it’s just that I am not one of the most jubilant people in the planet. Although I will only give priority to the positive things I’ve noticed.

Of course I have to say some things for the support acts also. I didn’t manage to be there on time (once more) so unfortunately I missed the first band except their last track… entering the club 8ball I listened “Karma to Burn” perfectly performed from Embargo, a band of a 12 year old drummer and the rest of the members at the age of 14! These kids cheered me up for real!

Second support was the band Jawbones, and I liked them so much that I dare to say I’d prefer to see them playing more, even if that meant 1000mods would play less. Actually what made me being so interest in them, is the feeling they left me with, that they are a band that don’t stuck in any music label or genre, and just like to show their love of good music in general…And for that reason plus their flawless music style in their own tracks, that I found excellent (I confess that I liked the fact of them playing Nirvana at the end) Jawbones won my complete respect!

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