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1000mods – Vultures


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Genre: Psychedelic/Stoner Rock
Country: Greece
Label: The Lab
Year: 2014

There is a place here in Greece called Chiliomodi (which loosely translated means chilio=1000, modi=mod) and every single time I hear its’ name stuff like cactus, California, the Palm desert come to my mind… or something like that. And the ones responsible for those images are no other than my compatriots 1000 MODS.

This is the third time “vultures” plays through my sound system. And one thing’s for sure that it’s gonna keep playing all year long. From the first notes of “claws” you’re getting the feeling that the band is finding its’ own style. Rock n’ roll Sabbath… kyuss… desert parties… Chiliomodi. They built upon the beautiful (and already classic for their fans) “super van vacation”, plus they made their orchestrations and songs’ durations much more appealing for the listener. It’s time for them to be heard by a bigger audience, something they probably understand themselves. Their aesthetic isn’t that much different. Once you press play you let go. You forget the number of the track you are listening to. The flow of the album is magical… seductive. It takes you to a desert. Makes you trip. The guitars are playing melodies coming straight from the 70s and fuzz is praised. The bass-lines make you do dancing moves while sitting on your chair. The groovy drums are plain and simple without excesses. The vocals still remind me of Garcia but they are enriched, even with growls, obtaining a more distinct identity than the one on the past.

My favorite songs are “she”, with its’ amazing changes and blues aesthetic, “horses green” that puts you in a Clint Eastwood showdown in El Paso movie scene(magic), the self titled track whose bass-line and doomy riff makes you slowly headbang and “modesty” which is the album’s hit that everybody is gonna sing along. Fans of this genre will definitely listen to the album. The rest of you will also discover them.


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