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Monthly Archives: June, 2023

Drott – Troll

Genre: Cinematic Progressive Metal Country: Norway Label: By Norse Music Release date: 19/05/2023 Norse mythology is the goose that lay the golden egg. Countless bands, regardless of origin,...

Watch PANTERA Joined By MAYHEM’s ATTILA CSIHAR For ‘Walk’ Performance At Budapest Concert

On Tuesday, May 30, Attila Csihar, frontman of Norwegian black metal pioneers MAYHEM, joined PANTERA on stage for a performance of the song "Walk" during the Philip Anselmo-fronted act's sold-out show...

A travel back in time: Amon Amarth live in Greece

Η Σουηδία έχει τη δική της ιστορία όσον αφορά τη μουσική και αυτό έχει αποδειχθεί περίτρανα από τα metal συγκροτήματα που έχει γεννήσει. Από...

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