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Abbath disbands Immortal and launches solo project


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The legal battles over Immortal’s name and logo seem to have ended without a conclusive agreement. The legal trouble started when Abbath filed a motion to copyright the band name under his corporation, Eikemo Compositions. Fellow Immortal members Demonaz and Horgh hired lawyers to put a stop to this. Immortal’s frontman Abbath has released a statement that signifies that, after the dispute with the other band members, he has decided to disband Immortal and move forward under a new moniker. Immortal’s frontman offered a statement declaring that, after the dispute with the other band members, he decided to discontinue Immortal and move forward with new musicians, under a new name. The new band will bear Abbath’s own name. The next two years, a new album will be recorded and live performances will be scheduled, consisting of old Immortal songs as well as new, unreleased yet, ones. The first act will take place in The Forum in London on Friday 18th September.

Athotep Nyarl
Athotep Nyarl
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