Absque Cor – Wędrówkę Haniebnie Zakończyć


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Genre: Black Metal
Country: Poland
Label: Godz of War Productions
Year: 2017

Here, we’ve got a new project from the Polish scene that is made of a sole member (Vos) who has taken on all the instruments, mixing, mastering and the lyrics. A very good release, that left me very impressed, to be sincere!

The album sound very pleasant, i like Vos’s ideas quite a lot and he’s done a tremendous job on his work for the creation of this release. He managed to “marry” this so-called black metal “aggression” of the new Polish BM scene together with plenthy of melody and melancholy. The album projects a lot of personal feelings in my option that come out from the guitar melodies. Without having anything new to say, this release has nothing to be jealous of from other big bands of the scene. It reminded me of early Ulver from the Nattens Madrigal / Kveldssanger period but in a more melancholic path and the slow acoustic parts reminded me a bit of the early works of Shining.

With just 4 songs and its playing time being around 30 minutes it’s like i want to listen to more of this, it sounds like something is missing. That’s a very nice black metal debut!


Thrash, Mosh, Beer!
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