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Accelerator – Accelerator


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Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Greece
Label: 91-77
Release: 2015

Almost five years have passed since the release of their demo and Accelerator strike back with their first full album. All we can say is that it worth the wait!

From the very first seconds of “Higher Than The Sky” you’ll have no doubt what you’re up against. Classic heavy metal in the vein of Grave Digger and Rage, with lots of power metal elements from the early American school, like Vicious Rumors, Savatage and Helstar, all sealed in an Accept-ish shell blessed by Judas Priest. All of the above are some of their primary influences and in no way hold them back from putting some parts here and there that make the whole mix even more interesting. “Warchildren” is a song that Riot would very much like to include in their 90’s albums, so is “The bells Of Notre Dame” that would make Savatage proud.

Also songs like the Queensryche-dipped “Final Destination” show that the band doesn’t fear to expand it’s sound to more melodic paths without losing it’s edge and the punch of their sound.

The sound of the album is very good allowing the band to sound classic and modern at the same time without being retro. Add the good guitar work and a very good vocalist (and not only for the greek standards) and you got yourselves one fine debut album.

Accelerator have nothing to block their way on becoming a bigger band. They are good songwriters (just listen to the “I Take My Path” that closes the album), they sound tighter than a two size smaller underwear and we hope to see them take the stage again after many years.

If you miss hearing some good old classic heavy metal like the one you heard many years ago, Accelerator is an album that is going to keep you company for a long time.


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