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Accept – Blind Rage


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Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Germany
Label: Nuclear Blast
Year: 2014

Really, if there’s anyone left that still thinks there’s no Accept without Udo, I would like to have a serious talk with them. Tornillo’s vocals are phenomenal and “Blind Rage” is the third great album in a row by the veterans. While slightly below 2012’s “Stalingrad” it’s still amazing how awesome these guys remain so many years in their career.

The opening song, “Stampede”, is strong and straightforward and while they can probably write songs like this with their eyes closed(I can actually picture Hoffman or Baltes having his breakfast, reading the morning paper -or even on the toilet- and at the same time writing down notes), many other bands would have to really try and work hard to create something similar. Everything we’ve come to expect from the masters is here; honest, old-school Heavy Metal, sharp riffs, battle anthems and calls to arms, impressive vocals and the kind of beautiful guitar melodies and breath-taking solos that made them one of my favorite bands in the first place.

“Dying Breed” is a classic anthem, “Fall Of The Empire” makes you want to march with Tornillo to the ends of earth and “From The Ashes We Rise” features some nice shifts in tone and takes us back to their golden years. Even simpler tracks like “Wanna Be Free” that could otherwise be kind of forgettable have something to offer, some excellent melodies or uplifting vocals. At 59 minutes the album might feel a bit too long or a little trying at times but the closing track “Final Journey” more than makes up for it, presenting some of the most stunning music of the record through flawless guitar work.

It’s true there is no track here like “Stalingrad” or “Shadow Soldiers” to instantly fall in love with and you might get a bit tired at points but “Blind Rage” remains a great Heavy Metal album. Tornillo’s vocals are perfect(not to mention he looks like a really, really cool guy) and there’s really no need for me to carry on about how superb the guitar work and the songwriting are. The new Accept keeps living me speechless and GODDAMNIT why isn’t Greece on the current tour? Some of the songs here are practically begging us to sing along; the choruses and the traditional, beloved “Oh-Ooh-OOh”s and roaring backing vocals of Accept are once again hopelessly stuck in my mind.


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