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Ace Frehley – Origins Vol. 1


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Genre: Hard Rock/Rock ‘n’ Roll
Country: U.S.A.
Label: SPV/Steamhammer
Year: 2016

From Ace Frehley’s first solo record until today, 38 years have passed and nothing has remained the same in the magic world of rock ‘n roll… The publicity lights no longer shine upon this New Yorker guitarist and the crowd no longer awaits impatiently his next record movement. Everything has changed, except for the love and respect of the entire KISS ARMY towards Space Ace. Those who have kept up with this living legend’s career is impossible to have big gaps or to not have noticed the ups and downs of his releases’ quality, either under the name of Frehley’s Comet or just his name. His return is marked with a compilation of covers – homage to tracks and artists who inspired him and should be treated as a celebration release.

Having his notorious friends serving as allies, Ace creates a decent album, which despite the good song selections has the disadvantage of the included covers to be compared to the versions of the original performances, which (the latter) seem to be way better than the covers. This does not prevent us though from listening to Paul Stanley as he fabulously interprets ‘Fire & Water’ (Free) that travels you back to the early 70’s and the early years of KISS. “Emerald” stands out as well (of my most favorite songs, especially the version of Skyclad) with the participation of Slash, “Parasite” with the participation of John 5 (who’s good in “Spanish Castle Magic” of Hendrix, as well) while “Cold Gin” didn’t thrill me the way I expected it would – even though I think it’ll will draw some attention, with the participation of Mike McCready of Pearl Jam. Excellent choice and performance in “Bring It On Home” of Zeppelin (from “Led Zeppelin II”, 1969). The album closes ideally with “Rock and Roll Hell” of Bachman -Turner Overdrive (from the 1979 album “Rock And Roll Nights”)… No guys, it’s not a KISS song even though we learned it from “Creatures of The Night” (1982) in a much better performance… “Creatures …” … what an album!


Giorgos Tsekas
Giorgos Tsekas
"Κάποτε Όταν Θα ‘χουμε Καιρό... Θα Σκεφτούμε Πάνω Στις Ιδέες Όλων Των Μεγάλων Στοχαστών, Θα Θαυμάσουμε Τους Πίνακες Όλων Των Μεγάλων Ζωγράφων, Θα Γελάσουμε Με Όλους Τους Χωρατατζήδες, Θα Φλερτάρουμε Όλες Τις Γυναίκες, Θα Διδάξουμε Όλους Τους Ανθρώπους" Μπ. Μπρεχτ

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