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Acid Age – Drone Shark Ethics


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Genre: Thrash
Country: Northern Ireland
Label: Witches Brew
Year: 2014

ACID AGE is a humorous thrash metal band from Belfast, who released their debut album through the totally respected label, Witches Brew. Thirteen short length songs, (only 2 tracks are over 3 minutes), fast and entertaining as a joint. The whole album is very enjoyable, but the production quality reminds this of a recorded rehearsal or an old demo tape. If the band is all about attitude then it is understood (as the band does not seem to take itself so seriously), but not many listeners take this as an advantage. Cult influences such as Razor, Hallow’s Eve, S.O.D. and Piledriver are always welcome. I have to say I really like it, but the sound production is not tempting and it will probably annoy many listeners.


Kostas Analytis
Kostas Analytis
Being a heavy metal fan for almost 20 years, owner of "Chaos & Hell Prod." distro and also vocalist and bassist to ABYSSUS, I became part of this family to share my passion for hard music with you! Οπαδός του heavy metal εδώ και περίπου 20 χρόνια, ιδιοκτήτης του distro "Chaos & Hell Prod." και επίσης τραγουδιστής/μπασίστας στους ABYSSUS, έγινα μέλος αυτής της οικογένειας να μοιραστώ το πάθος μου γι αυτή τη μουσική μαζί σας.

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