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Acid Fury – The Hunt EP


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Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: Greece
Label: Self-Released
Year: 2015

The Greek thrash metal scene has yet another member, one that comes with high hopes and expectations. We can now be speaking of a solid underground (not only) scene after all those bands that have risen the last few years and the many others that are currently under fermentation. And when we’re talking about Acid Fury, we need to know that we’re talking about young musicians that have all the time in the world (manner of speaking) to broaden their viewpoint in music.

Let’s get to the Ep, “The Hunt” is a sample of quite technical and at the same time aggressive thrash. The band manages to keep these elements in balance, without permitting the one to engulf the other one. Some of the band’s characteristics are the sharp, fast-paced, edgy riffs, the confident lead, the emphasis in playing fast, the violent vocals that are the result of both death and crossover influences, the massive sound and the individuality of the bass lines. The songs are short in duration and get straight to the point, the ideal material for violent, entertaining live acts. Finally, the band’s sound resembles of the first generation thrash bands, without the hugely distorted sound and the “full-bass” sound, which many of the new thrash bands often angle for.

The Ep “The Hunt” is a nice first step for the band and I am very convinced that their next step will stand out.


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