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Act of Defiance – Birth and The Burial


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Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: USA
Company: Metal Blade Records
Year: 2015

Ηaving learned that Act of Defiance is a supergroup made by members, mainly former, of Megadeth, Scars of Martyr and Shadows Fall, I cannot hide the fact that I was initially excited. The truth is that my enthusiasm lasted as much as a track by Napalm Death during their golden ages.

Starting by listening to the “Birth and the Burial”, which is the first album of the band, put me in quite many thoughts. While I knew that this is supergroup, something just didn’t seem right. The album is quite mundane in the largest of its course, without fancy ideas, except for a few outbursts, which really impressed me.

The guitars, even though they are quite bulky with loud riffs (which at times brought to my mind the riffage The Haunted use), they just gave me, almost constantly, the impression that that’s not some awesome composition that hasn’t been heard before, or that has something to grab my attention. The same applies to the other instruments, while some times the vocals and Broderick’s solos broke the monotony with some progressive elements.

In conclusion then, although Act of Defiance is a supergroup, they didn’t grab my attention and interest as much as I expected or would like to, as they left me with the idea that there’s nothing special in them. They’re just another Thrash metal band.


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