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Genre: Τhrash Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Lost Realm Records
Year: 1988, 2022 reissue
There are 2 thrash american bands called “Aftermath” We are not talking about the progressive thrashers from Chicago but for the power thrashers from Arizona. Lost Realm Records reissues their only full length “Don’t Cheer Me Up”, with bonus the “Straight From Hell” EP. “Straight From Hell” chronologically precedes the album and it is the first official release for the group, back in 1985. Here they give their first credentials with 4 compositions of power/thrash metal. Their sound is similar to bands like Flotsam and Jetsam, Laaz Rockit or also Paradox, to say an example of a european group. At that time it was released in 1000 copies and made then known in the underground. “Don’t Cheer Me Up” released in 1988. They don’t deviate from their sound but they have better compositions. There are 7 equal songs that make the album one of the best of its kind. Surely, if we think about the albums that were released in thrash in that particular year, we will understand why Aftermath didn’t take the next step then. However, this does not reduce the value of the album in any way. In fact at that time they had a relative recognition, playing support shows with Slayer, King Diamond, Danzig, Metal Church and Omen. Τhis year’s reissue gives thrash fans the chance to own an album that wasn’t there to buy, but also a must have, at least in the underground. The traces of the band were lost somewhere in 1991 after the release of 2 other demos and without knowing exactly when they split – up.

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