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Akrotheism/Septuagint – Sphinx…Split


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Genre: Black Metal
Country: Greece
Label: Forever Plagued Records
Year: 2015

It’s worldwide known that the Greek black metal scene spreads over years and years and it’s thriving over the last decade. A manifestation of this growth is this particular split release by two of the most aspiring bands of our lands. If you wish to walk the left hand path and get lost in the path of total darkness, then play this split record as loud as you can.

Three tracks of a total 37 – minute runtime, guarantee a poisonous hellish trip of mind and soul. On one hand we have two tracks by Akrotheism. “Syn Panti (The Great Enigma)” strikes you first; it kicks off with whispering vocals, setting the mood for what’s to come. Omnipotent screams while purely malevolent riffs that flow naturally cause a trip at the brain to the darkest corners of your mind. Same thing happens with “Tertium Datur”. Fifteen minutes of properly composed chaos, with guitars that cut you like a knife and drumming choices that add character to the track and make “Tertium Datur” stick to your mind. The combination of heavy vocals, elaborate background tunes and the clearness of sounds make the track ideal for past-midnight evocations of your inner god. Moving forward, we stumble upon Septuagint’s “Shadows of Opposition”. An imposing intro, with the winds blowing, makes you wanna embrace tightly what is about to follow. The track evolves gradually, from slower rhythms to a fast, chaotic and spiteful tempo that brings darkness to your room, unveiling total destruction. Between the fifth and the eighth minute, there’s a monumental dropping of rhythm and a great choice of oriental tunes making you feel you’re descending to the pit of hell, landing safely on Lucifer’s shoulder. Right after that, we return to the malicious and stately vocals, we all love.

This split release is a must – have for every devotee of orthodox black metal genre. Definitely one of the most venomous releases I had the honor to review. The foreboding bleakness of the atmosphere the bands impose upon us is outstanding. The clearness of the sound, making you able to distinguish what’s being played, is most certainly an ally.

“To The Mud… To The Dust… Into The Dark… Into The Pit…”

4.5 /6

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