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SOLSTAFIR: Album Details and First New Song


Last Updated on 04:23 PM by Lilliana Tseka

The Icelandic heathens of SOLSTAFIR have shared all upcoming album details and treat us with a sublime first track of Ótta. In the same style as AGALLOCH’s “Fire Above, Ice Below”, as usual you can find ‘artwork above, tracklist below’. Tracklist: 01 “Lágnætti” 02 “Ótta” 03 “Rismál” 04 “Dagmál” 05 “Miðdegi” 06 “Nón” 07 “Miðaftann” 08 “Náttmál” You can listen to the track Ótta on this location. The Icelandics seem to further enriching their intense sound. Asking a friend which genre he would name their current style, he simply replied ‘atmospheric awesomeness’. I couldn’t agree more. Ótta will be released 29th of August through Season of Mist. Pre-order it here.

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