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Almah: Details on new album


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Brazilian metallers Almah, led by ex-Angra singer Edu Falaschi, are going to release their new  album entitled ‘E.V.O’ on September 23rd worldwide via Pride & Joy Music (EU), Test Your Metal (US/MX/CA) and King Records (Japan). ‘E.V.O’ is the 5th studio album from Almah and was recorded in São Paulo, Brazil at IMF studios by Tito Falaschi plus mixed and mastered by Damien Rainaud (Fear Factory, Dragonforce, Baby Metal, etc) at Mix Unlimited in Los Angeles, California.

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1 – Age of Aquarius (7:13)
2 – Speranza (4:55)
3 – The Brotherhood (4:41)
4 – Innocence (4:35)
5 – Higher (5:09)
6 – Infatuated (4:05)
7 – Pleased To Meet You (4:24)
8 – Final Warning (4:13)
9 – Indigo (3:46)
10 – Corporate War (4:19)
11 – Capital Punishment (4:00)
Album Length: 51:26

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Nikos Nakos
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