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Almanac – Kingslayer


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Genre: Symphonic Power
Country: Belarus
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Year: 2017

There are genres that flourish. There are others though that have died already, and no one has informed their relatives and loved ones. Power, and specifically symphonic power, has passed away for some time now and its remnants remind more of disgusting Eurovision songs than something that honored the metal scene 20 years ago. Mr Victor Smolski with his talent, his relations to recruit a band, his musical knowledge and his hard work, created a very decent record. If such records were released more frequently, they would prevent the dead end of the genre or they would make its end even more glorious. Superb instrumentation and great production, with well written compositions that don’t lack in dynamics or melody. Compared with their debut two years ago, I can see a stronger passion, evolution and a walk away from clichés or routines. The guitars don’t remind a lot of Rage, maybe at some points (at “Regicide”), they are closer to the legendary Mind Odyssey. With his vocals, Smolski plays as a painter with different touches at the voices of Andy B. Frank (Brainstorm, Symphorce), Jeannette Marchewka (Lingua Mortis Orchestra) and David Readman (Adagio, Pink Cream 69) and enriches the record enough. Maybe you have thought of the show Game of Thrones from the title and lyrics. The Russian uses the name J. Lannister, but the lyrics are influenced from historic figures, real stories and dark background with a bloody end. Honest, well worked and inspiring as an album, Kingslayer has powerful moments and of course deserves the attention of the fans of the genre. Pinpointed are ‘Children of the Sacred Path’, ‘Headstrong’ and ‘Losing My Mind’.


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