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Amaranthe – Manifest


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Genre: Melodic Pop Metal
Country: Sweden/Denmark
Label: Nuclear Blast
Year: 2020

If someone tried to call “Manifest” an all-star album would not be that far away from reality, as Amaranthe managed to assemble many different vocal lines and musical identities in about 40 minutes to their brand new musical effort under the mark of Nuclear Blast.

The triptych consisting of Elize Ryd – Nils Molin – Henrik Wilhemsson is at its best, always focusing on the dazzlingm both visually and acoustically, Elize which is framed by some perfectly structured compositions, however slightly “lazy”. On the one hand, the European power metal scene they represent is in a slight recession in terms of inspiration, while on the other, the mixture of so many different elements, to my ears at least, is somewhat unrelatable. However it is fair to consider the album a pure diamond, especially for those who are into the 00’s pop-metal sound. The choruses in all the tracks stick like ear-worms, especially in “Viral” (with some influence from Nightwish’s “Noise” on the lyrical themes?) and “Do or Die”, which Jeff Loomis takes to another level because he is what he is, what can one do? Plus, n the album we see Angela Gossow (Arch Enemy) going back to the studio, someone really missed by a lot of people, Noora Louhimo of Battle Beast, Heidi of Butcher Babies and of course the cellist of Apocalyptica, Perttu Kivilaakso. “Manifest” in general, does not discover fire, but I can understand the influence and acceptance it will find from the fans of the Swede-Danish Amaranthe, who have rightfully conquered the worldwide stages. Personally talking, “Helix” (2018) was slightly better.

Whatever the case, we should definitely check out most of the new releases available, because we might find something particularly insteresting, no matter how far of our own personal taste.


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