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Amenra – Mass VI


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Genre: Post/Sludge Metal
Country: Belgium
Label: Neurot Recordings
Year: 2017

Amenra is a name sealed on its own chapter of extreme music history. From their inception, the Belgians move steady towards their well-perceived idea of sound and spirituality, a vision split through ritualistic chapters, each one autonomous and whole, but at the same time fulfilling one another in a dark and emotional puzzle. The story goes on accordingly with their latest output, “Mass VI”. I have to admit that in their six full-length efforts so far, there were times that I sensed futility in their course, but this time we’re dealing with maybe their best record after “Mass III”, in my opinion. The recipe remains almost the same. It’s slow, massive, abysmal and torturing. I believe that the difference lies within the maturity their compositions reached, sonically allocated close to perfection by moving between atmospheric parts and disastrous riffing, connecting themselves with the contemporary listener’s psychological storm, reaching empathy. It is worth to mention Colin H. van Eeckhout’s heavy use of “clean” vocals throughout the record, who embraces his imperfections and turns them to one more read of his frame of mind, adding more dimensions to their canvas.


Thanos Mitras
Thanos Mitras
It's got to be emotional,extremely fast or incredibly slow.

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