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Amken – Adrenaline Shot


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Genre : Thrash
Country : Greece
Label : Self Released
Year : 2014

AMKEN is another Greek thrash band which is here to prove that in Greece we are witnessing the birth of a vivid thrash scene with a new draft of bands. The Athenians release their first EP and even from the distinctive front cover one can tell that the band plays old school thrash. It is also clear that the band leaves nothing to chance, as the cover illustration by the American artist Bill Hauser (Hirax, Ghoul) is amazing.

The first, title-song hits right on the spot, with its sharp, ripping, riffs and the dynamic, paranoid vocals coming straight from the 80’s. Though their music roots in the American scene, still they remind me of Tankard at times. Their sound is very good altogether. As said, sometimes a band’s solid effort can be apparent from the kickoff. Shortly, “Adrenaline shot” is a great song that will put the back of your neck to the test. The album carries on with “God’s Asleep”, a mid-tempo, long lasting song with lots of guitar solos. Not bad at all, though I am of the opinion that the band seems more in place playing more powerful songs. Something evident on “Nightmares” and of course on “Zombie Pets”, which constitute old school dynamites, made for ample pit moshing at their live gigs.

This EP is a very solid debut, the band has definitely great future perspective. I reckon they soon will sign with a record label. I’m looking forward on catching them playing live somewhere, and I would suggest that thrash fans do the same. I reckon that Amken should display the same amount of energy onstage. Until then keep on thrashing!!


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