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Amorphis – Halo


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Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Country: Finland
Label: Atomic Fire Records
Year: 2022

There are not so many groups that you are 100% sure for their every new release that it will be exactly as you want it. Amorphis, after 14 releases, is for sure one of these bands. Even when they changed their sound a bit, even when they experimented, everything suited them and even made them sound better. If anything remains constant, this is only their high standard quality. “Halo” is their new album, which will satisfy their fans to the maximum once again. Those who listen them for the first time through this album, they will definetely want to learn more about the band. “Halo” is the natural continuity of “Under the Red Cloud” and “Queen of Time”. Clean vocals hold an equally important position as brutal ones. There are also more power/progressive elements in the songs. Keyboards are still an integral part of their sound. Something of course that Amorphis manage to have no matter how they play in terms of motif, is the diffuse feeling of melancholy. It seems to come completely effortless and being part of their DNA. The lyrics – stories of Pekka Kainulainen fit perfectly in their musical style. Jens Borgen ensures that the clarity of the sound to emphasize the compositions. “Halo” is one of the records that got you from hello but also grows inside you as you will discover more things as time passes by. Of course, the reason you will listen it many times is not to discover the details but because every time you will like it more. The group has high standards and “Halo” proves it.

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