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Anthrax – For All Kings


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Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Nuclear Blast/Megaforce
Year: 2016

For All Kings is the eleventh album of Anthrax, marked by a change in their line up as Jon Donais comes in to fill the gap of Rob Caggiano in the lead guitar.It’s also the second album with Joey Belladona behind the mic after the 2011 Worship Music. Their new album sounds like the evolution of Worship Music with elements from all Bush era records but sadly not as good as most of them.Of course no one expected the speed metal of the first Belladona era but Anthrax sound a bit confused on this one.A good sample of this album is Breathing Lightning ,their new video which is more melodic and anthemic but you might find yourself  yawning while hearing it.As you will during the rest of the album. Anthrax have not lost their edge in any way and their playing verifies that but they choose to make a record that will disappoint most of their fans. Of course there some good moments in the album like Evil Twin or Defend Avenge which are more the result of experience and talent rather than good songwriting. Things become a little balanced with the vocals of Joey sounding great and the very good drumming of the one of the best drummers around for many years now but on the other hand you have a lot of songs that is nothing new or even interesting. Overall this is not one of Anthrax finest moments not even one of their good ones and after the disappointment of Worship Music we did expected something better than that.Next time guys.




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