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Antigama & The Kill & Noisear – 3-way Split ‘Ep


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Genre: Grindcore
Country: Poland/Australia/U.S.A.
Label: SelfMadeGod Records
Year: 2013

A substantial 3-way split ‘Ep, that features songs from three strong names of grindcore, demonstrating this way, the strong bonds among the groups. The main characteristic of this release, is that all the groups represent a different subgenre of grindcore, honoring, in that way, the variety of the genre.

The most productive group among the three, polish Antigama, is used to experiment with the sound, inserting noise and industrial elements in it. Greatly influenced by Napalm Death (especially of the ‘Diatribes’ and ‘Inside The Torn Apart’ era), they are offering us five tracks (two of them can be found in ‘Stop The Chaos’ ‘Ep) of technical grindcore.

The Kill, a trio from Australia, is the most thrashy of the three bands, and we have use to see them releasing a lot of split releases in the past (with Insect Warfare, Birdflesh, Captain Cleanoff, Retaliation, etc.). 6 songs full of blastbeats and trebling guitars, a few mid-tempo moments (so that you can catch your breath) and a lot of screaming!

In the end, we can find american Noisear the most short of the three (6 songs in 4 min 16secs!). With a brutal death attitude, with Bryan Fajardo (Gridlink, Phobia, P.L.F., etc.) demolishing the drum kit and a great technical performance from the rest members, the six tracks are not enough for our hunger!

A killer release indeed!

Nikos Nakos
Nikos Nakos
“When the Last Tree Is Cut Down, the Last Fish Eaten, and the Last Stream Poisoned, You Will Realize That You Cannot Eat Money.”

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