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Ape Unit / Horsebastard – split 7″


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Genre: Grindcore / Powerviolence
Country: Italy/U.K.
Label:Deadheroes Grindcore-label, EveryDayHate, I Feel Good Records, Grey Water Collective, Vollmer Industries
Year: 2017

During the last decade, grindcore splits are being constantly released. We’ve listened to both glorious and boring releases by bands with no essence, no heart, no nothing whatsoever. There are many idiots that call the bullshit their producing grindcore; it’s a shame. But here’s where things change and we move forward. Ape Unit are literally apes. Real fucking apes from Italy. Even though they’ve been around for almost a decade, there are only a few releases in their career, but that’s their thing. Concerning the split at hand, the band emits a hardcore / grindcore air (I detest that powerviolence label). What surprised me most were the vocals. The production is decent, their playing is tight, their attitude is massive. Five tracks from the Italians, of short duration of course! On the other side of the split, Horsebastard from England. I’ll say it as simple as possible; those English bastards are elusive as fuck. Grindcore with balls of steel! Vocals, speeds, production, drumming, everything is as it should be. A unique band with personality. I believe they should start working on a full length album, as Horsebastard is one of the bands that have something to give! Overall, it’s a very good release and the fans of the genre should invest in it. Also, check the bands’ previous releases!

Leonidas Douras
Leonidas Douras
My name is called religion, sadistic, sacred whore.

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