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Aria – Guest From The Shadow Kingdom


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Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Russia

АРИЯ (ARIA), heavy metal legends from Russia, announced their new live album, “Guest From The Shadow Kingdom” has be released via M2BA. Well here have a great DVD + 2CD package and if digital music is your thing the release is available on all the online music services. The video stuff was recorded in the big Moscow show this April. The performance was filmed by director Yuriy Sokolov with whom the band did a lot great shows in the past. A single three-level stage – with high-resolution LED screens for a height of 9 meters – was erected on the arena of the VTB Ice Stadium. Well I am not surprised because ARIA always delivered big live productions for their massive shows.

“Another live album”? I am hearing you saying. Well this is not the case folks. Why? Because ARIA is a band that focuses a lot on their live appearances. And I guess you are realizing that we have not got the chance to see them playing on a place near us, that often. So… So releases like this are offering us a chance to live the “ARIA on stage” experiences… And yes, I will put it plain and simple: The overall viewing and listening experience of this live DVD. Is amazing.

There is an excellent work that has been done on the camera work and overall video production. Personally speaking and while watching the whole stuff, I was under that great feeling of being to the actual show! ARIA have managed to do some magic in here. The audio is crystal clear and the band performance is amazing. I would not expect nothing more and nothing less speaking about this band’s performance.

But I would like to get back to the visual part of the whole thing and clarify to you that here we do not have a case of a “simply well filmed show of a casual”. ARIA are building massive stage concepts, delivering their music based on them. I got to assure you that this magic is captured on camera. I will give an example referring to that very specific moment of the singer’s on stage “crucifixion” on a giant cross -around one hour and eighteen minutes during the concert running-. You got to see it for yourselves to realize the magic.

Another thing I got to point is the amazing response of the audience. What are you asking? “How many?”.. No, no, no we are not talking about some hundreds of people. Man those are thousands… This band is HUGE in Russia!

Well I guess that I need not to write anything more. You got to check this live release if you are a fan fan of ARIA or if you are a fan of amazing live Metal shows captured on camera. This is something you have never seen before. I guarantee.

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