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Arrant Saudade – The Peace of Solitude


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Genre: Funeral Doom
Country: International
Label: Self – Released
Year: 2015

Last February I reviewed Aphonic Threnody’s very beautiful album “When Death Comes”. Their guitarist/bassist Riccardo Genovese and keyboardist Juan Escobar strike again with Arrant Saudade, which, as in the case of Aphonic Threnody, is a binding of people with different nationalities who write and play music under the banner of funeral doom metal. Besides the Italian Riccardo (guitars) and Juan from Chile (keys, bass, drums and backing vocals), in the band we also find Frenchman Aimeric Hangsvart on vocals.

Their music shares, on its basis, much common ground with Aphonic Threnody, however, “Peace of Solitude” sounds as if it focuses more on melody and melancholy. In order to make this work, the band uses male and female melodic vocals which combine with the sardonic harsh ones, producing sound clusters which we have often enjoyed in the past by many melodic doom/death bands. Moreover, the atmospheric parts – with the use of keys, the harping guitars and the vocals in the form of whispers or chants, together with the amazing sound and use of the bass, which is a vivid member of the song-building, infuse an intensely murky and depressive scenery. I’d say that the romanticism that floats on the air throughout the album, dictates that we place them among the atmospheric doom death genre rather than funeral doom. Their sound is glued to the 90’s, with rather minimalistic production and sound, which, in my opinion, faithfully serves the band’s principle of creating a landscape of sadness and despair, where no ornamentation is justified.

The record consists of five songs, which radiate only sorrow and pain. I rest with all further details. You can listen to the album via bandcamp below… And winter is on its way…


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