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Asphyx: New Record in 2016


Last Updated on 04:51 PM by Lilliana Tseka

Dutch Death / Doom pioneers Asphyx will be releasing a new record in 2016, once they return from their tour, as a follow up to their 2012’s acclaimed “Deathhammer”!

Vocalist Martin Van Drunen comments on the matter:

“Once we return [from the tour] we’re gonna start the first recordings the end of November for the long awaited ‘Deathhammer’ follow up. Lots of tracks are composed and arranged already and we have tons of shredding riffs on the shelves to complete the rest of the album. It will all be in the good old fashioned Asphyx death/doom style so be sure no-one will be disappointed. Do we need to say we want to bring out that coming epic old school beast as soon as possible? Whatever happens, 2016 will be a good metal year already, that’s an Asphyx guarantee!”

More news about ASPHYX and their upcoming studio album soon…

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