At the Gates – At War with Reality


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Genre: Death Metal a’la Gothenburg Style
Country: Sweden
Label: Century Media
Year: 2014

It has been 19 years since the last At the Gates album “Slaughter of the Soul”. After these years of “studio silence” At the Gates decided to break their silence with “At war with Reality” . At the Gates decided to break up the band in 1996. Many years after that they did some lives around the globe,for the fans who didn’t have the chance to see them live back in the 90’s. Now, in 2014 they decided to work on a new album with the title “At War with Reality”.

In this particular album you can see the new “version” of At the Gates with ideas which remind me of some old At the Gates.. But, also guitars in some songs sound like The Haunted. The result seems that it has worked out well for Anders and Martin.As for what I said about the guitars that’s ok with me because I like both bands. But some fans of the band might not like this.

The voice of Tomas Lindberg sounds a bit different in this album! Others might say “Oh fuck what’s going on here” but I must say that I like it. Also after all these years it is impossible to have the same tone on his voice! It still remains aggressive as fuck!!

Jonas’s bass sounds killer in this album and…Adrian. Well this guy is a killing machine in everything he does with every band!

Songs such as “The conspiracy of the blind” “Book of sand” “head of Hydra” and “At war with reality” shall bring you memories from the past…This album has definitely a heavier tone from other At the Gates albums, which I suppose these guys are proud of. This is definitely a great album for 2014 and a very good come back for At the Gates. I am also sure that, someone should see the band live performing these songs because this album is so groove,made for headbanging!!

In conclusion it’s a very good album as I said before. This is what the band wanted to give out,that’s what they gave out and we thank them.As for me songs I liked most in this one are the following: Death and the Labyrinth , Heroes and Tombs , The conspiracy of the blind , The book of sand , Upon pillars of dust and the closing track The Night Eternal.

4,5 / 6

Vaios Sven
Death Metal to the Fucking Bone
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