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Attack Of Rage/Contrastic – Attack Of Rage/Jarmo (Split-LP)


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Genre: Crust/Death/Technical Death
Country: Slovenia/Czech Republic
Label: Metal Age Productions
Year: 2014

Split LP, by Metal Age Production (Into the Gore, Avulsed) including the Slovenians Attack of Rage and the Czechs Contrastic. Side A contains Attack of Rage that play a mixture of death – grind with a tint of crust elements, which reminds me the last releases by Napalm Death, Misery Index & Dying Fetus. The songs are short in length but stick to your mind. The production is strong and as dirty as it has to be. Fans of the genre will be pleased by the Slovenians effort. In side B of this release we can hear Contrastic and this is my first contact with the band even though the band exists from 1993. Unfortunately I can’t say that I’m impressed, even though initially I was a little bit shocked (in a good way). Unfortunately to my ears some melodies do not match with the technical rhythm the songs have. I prefer the A side of this release.


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