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Audrey Horne – Pure Heavy


Last Updated on 01:46 AM by Giorgos Tsekas

Genre: Hard Rock
Country: Norway
Label: Napalm Records
Year: 2014

Third album for the Norwegians Audrey Horne. Now the band considered to be an acclaimed band and a lot of people are waiting for their new effort entitled “Pure Heavy”. I will clarify my position from the beginning and I will tell you that their previous albums are not of my taste and unfortunately this has not changed, with the new one.

There will be (probably ephemeral) hits like “Waiting for the Night” and “High Roller” that will definitely will be on dj’s list on rock clubs or it will please their fans when they will hear them played live, but that’d where the whole stops. In one way or another my mind goes to bands like Thin Lizzy and Kiss and I believe that Audrey Horne members should keep these ideas for jamming just for fun in their studios while drinkin’ their beer than release them on an album.

I cannot leave unremarked the awesome sound and the perfect production , that however  makes it more enjoyable to listen to the album. As well I cannot leave unremarked my suspicion that many metalheads deify mediocrities, not to say… third class Thin Lizzy…


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