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Author: Apostolis Mokas

Between booking shows, driving bands all over Europe, releasing cool punk/hardcore records with World's Appreciated Kitsch, distributing even cooler stuff via Uprising Hardcore Distro, touring with My Turn and watching movies with his girlfriend, Apostolis writes reviews & columns for Metal Invader (after a special invitation by Gio and the ultimate promise to become rich one day, making money out of this), trying to spread the word about the underground hardcore scene. Check out his FB and follow his endless activities: www.facebook.com/worldsappreciatedkitsch
Genre: Blackened Death Country: Germany Label: Ván Records Year: 2023 It was more than a decade ago (2012), when these Germans shocked Death Metal Universe with their ferocious debut “Swallowed by the Ocean's Tide”. Their Blackened Death was a pure...
ΔΕΛΤΙΟ ΤΥΠΟΥ Ένα πλήρως χορταστικό πακέτο για όλα τα γούστα και με μπάντες οι οποίες βρίσκονται όλες σε πολύ καλή φάση της καριέρας τους, όλες συναυλιακά σθεναρές και ευκαιρία για τον κόσμο που ψάχνει την ποιότητα στα...

Keep It Real: “Mentally Imprisoned” by Swamps

Mentally Imprisoned by Swamps

Still Ill – Building the Beast

Genre: Brutal Hardcore Country: Germany Label: Demons Run Amok Entertainment Year: 2016 Being around in hardcore shows in Europe & reading online hardcore news, I’ve seen Still Ill’s...

Akani: ‘I Won’t Run’ video

Consisting of vocalist Jorge Rosado (Merauder), guitarists Daniel Antonsson (ex-Soilwork, Dark Tranquillity) and Daniel Cederborg (ex-Path Of No Return) and drummer Anders Löwgren (Dead...

Keep it Real: Tide by Miles Away

SFU098 MILES AWAY "Tide" by Six Feet Under Records

Keep it Real: Demo Tape 2015 by Anticluster

Demo Tape 2015 by Anticluster

Manipulate: Debut New Track

Hardcorers Manipulate are set to release their new EP, "Becoming Madness" on February 12,2016 via  Flatspot Records. FSR17 - Becoming Madness by Manipulate

Keep it Real: Same Title EP by Defrosted

Same Title EP by Defrosted

Keep it Real: Demo 2015 by Prison Hit

Solid hardcore dudes worshipping Motörhead. Demo 2015 by Prison Hit

Turbonegro: Premiere New Video for Song “Hot For Nietzsche”

Turbonegro released their new single and video, "Hot for Nietzsche". You can download the single here. https://youtu.be/U_GQK_eCNf8

A Traitor Like Judas: Release New Video for “Friendships”

The  hardcore band A Traitor Like Judas has one message always written on its banners, “NO RACISM! NO INTOLERANCE!” and with "Friendships" new video...

Coldburn: Watch Their New Video for ‘Heavy Lies The Crown’

Here is the new video for 'Heavy Lies The Crown' taken from Coldburn’s recent record “Down In The Dumps” out via BEATDOWN HARDWEAR. https://youtu.be/pDiFHxgbIvo

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