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Axe Crazy – Angry Machines EP


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Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Poland
Label: Infernö Records
Year: 2014

Here we’re dealing with a Polish heavy metal band formed in 2010, with the mini cd “Angry Machine” being their first recorded effort. Four songs of classic metal with N.W.O.B.H.M. and hard rock influences which quality is below average. From where to start really…..The production is awful, the thing is that many people (including myself) have an ear for a deliberately cult production but this one is just weak. The songwriting is very immature especially in the second song ‘Hungry for Life’ where I don’t know what I’m hearing…it sounds to me like an American teenage band in late 90’s with punk influences. There are very few moments here and there that worth something (mostly in the solos) but in the end it remains nothing but a waste of time listening to this wannabe heavy metal band. Even the artwork is just lame….Don’t waste your time here, there are plenty of talented bands out there. The fact that it’s so easy nowadays to record something and present it to the public doesn’t mean that a band shouldn’t work their asses off exercising in order to present something that will be purchased from metal fans other than their friends..


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