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Barbarian – Cult Of The Empty Grave


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Genre: Black/Thrash
Country: Italy
Label: Hell’s Headbangers
Release: 2016

The train called Black/Thrash rock n roll has lots of bands aboard nowadays. There’s a bunch that leads, tons of bands that simply exist and then there’s bands like Barbarian. What makes them stand out is that they take this genre and they imbue it with more stuff than their other colleagues, stuff that come from various metal styles. On their 3rd full length album “Cult Of The Empty Grave” you’ll surely hear the filth of Venom and the rock n roll of Midnight but you’ll also have your fill of Manowar, Celtic Frost and N.W.O.B.H.M. among others. Top that with mid 90’s Rotting Christ-ish vocals and lots of ughs and you got yourself a band that immediately draws your attention. What about their songs?

“Absolute Metal” is a hymn that you’ll probably hear over and over again, the title track and Remorseless Fury will be hated by your neighbors and the rest of the album (7 tracks in total) stands in generally high standards. Barbarian won’t change the metal world but sure as hell can deliver a good kick in its nuts. Pay attention to these guys!


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