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Battleroar – Blood of Legends


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Genre: Epic Metal
Country: Greece
Label: Cruz Del Sur
Year: 2014

BATTLEROAR are back. It’s been six whole years since their last album. A lot of important line-up changes occurred during that period of time (one of which is the replacement of their guitar player and founding member Manolis Karazeris). In my opinion this new release is as important for the band as it is for the fans. Something like a personal bet for the band, as they are being called to prove they still stand proud and are able to deliver high quality epic metal just like they did in the past.

Even though BATTLEROAR are one of my favorite bands I will do my best to keep an objective stance. “Blood of legends” doesn’t sound all that much different from their classic sound and all the musical elements that granted them their personal identity are present on this album. It (mostly) consists of slow and mid tempo parts, with a tight rhythm section creating a massive canvas for the guitars to paint epic riffs on, melancholic and at the same time compelling melodies, inspired and essential solos that don’t just play along the music themes but designate them. Acoustic guitars and violin which were also used on the bands’ second and third album with great results, have become BATTLEROAR’s second nature (Alexandros Papadiamantis is now a permanent member), enhancing the epic atmosphere alongside with some choir parts that have been added, without their use being excessive. BATTLEROAR have found the perfect balance. Inspiration is still present but to be honest not as much as it used to in the past. I find it very hard for them to reach once again the standards of “age of chaos” but not impossible. They have already proven that they can give the chills to any devoted follower of epic metal and on this new album they do it with the hymns “Poisoned Well”, “Valkyries above Us” and “The Curse of Medea”. Let’s not forget that the enemy of good is better and that the legacy of their previous three amazing albums is creating high expectations. On vocals, the well known and dear Gerrit Mutz (SACRED STEEL) may annoy you with his love it or hate it tone quality and although he made a great effort to sound different ( and he succeeded up to a certain point) he’s basically by 90% the same singer we loved in SACRED STEEL. Of course that’s based upon my personal taste.

To sum up, their followers may not be shaken after listening to this album, but they will be more than pleased since this is a really good album and I strongly recommend it to them.


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