BEHEMOTH | BÖLZER | THAW, 17.04.2015, Live in Athens @ Fuzz Club


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written by Nikos Tsichlis

Ι arrived outside the venue at about 20:00, where we found two lines of people waiting with enthousiasm and impatience for the gig to start. The doors opened at 20:30 and, despite the throng, everybody managed to get inside fast and without problems, thanks to the perfect organization and coordination of the venue’s people in charge.

The Poles Thaw opened the gig almost concurrently. Their by no means camp performance, their simple stylistic choices, their abstracted stage appearance and the absence of any color, besides black, prepared us for the dark journey in music that we were about to embark on. They played tracks mainly from “Earth Ground” and at the time they had available they managed to trip and warm up the crowd with their experimentations and with the power of emotions drawn from their music. Riffs that brought to mind Deathspell Omega and, in general, an avantgarde/post black metal with hints of noise, aesthetic. They left us yearning for more.

Next came on stage the Swedes Bolzer. A band with two sole members (KzR guitar/voice and HzR/drums), however, with their vocal freshness and energy and their top-notch technique, they managed to satisfy the fans, filling Fuzz with their sound. They played songs from their demo and EP’s. Their style is close to the black/death metal area. We were stunned by the technical abilities of both musicians, especially the drummer HzR.

The club kept crowding up, so at the end of Bolzer’s appearance it was stuffed. Luckily, the club’s ventilation system was very sufficient and prevented the atmosphere from being suffocating, as we often witness in other gigs.

After a half an hour delay, in order for the scene to be prepared, the lights were dimmed and chants as well as incense odor filled the air. In that fashion, darkly and mystically as always, the headliners Behemoth entered the stage. The crowd kept shouting out their name until the first notes sounded. What followed can be resumed in the following: Professionalism at the max, riveting stage appearance, passion and power in their performance and Nergal giving all his soul in his vocal and stage performance, while the fans were headbanging endlessly!

The setlist contained songs from their entire discography. “Blow your trumpets Gabriel”, “Christians to the lions”, “Decade of Therion”, “Ov fire and the void”, “Chant for Eschaton” are some of the most distinctive ones.

Overall, they left us under the impression that their goal was not just to perform but to raise hell, delivering a high quality performance and mesmerizing the crowd by creating creepy scenery, filled with mysticism, during the entire show.

To sum up, the event was flawless. I am of the opinion that none was left unsatisfied. All three bands have proven their soul and dedication towards their music and the fans seemed to absolutely cherish and enjoy that. This sure was one night to remember for a long time!

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