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Behemoth – Messe Noire


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Genre: Black Metal
Country: Poland
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Year: 2018

Behemoth are not anymore a promising band coming behind the iron curtain. Damn it’s been more than fifteen years (maybe more) that this sentence would have any meaning…but now ten studio albums later Nergal and co are a huge name of extreme sound. They deserve it as they have been hard workers and their studio albums were always something interesting and well crafted. As their live performances became larger and more theatrical as the years were passing and their name and reputation grew bigger, now it is the time to capture the whole transformation in a release. Their last effort was probably their finest moment on the studio and ‘Messe Noire’ is a majestic presentation of it in front of their audience. All nine tracks of the 2015’s ‘The Satanist’ played live during the supportive tour of the album (an album that marked Nergal’s triumph over leukaemia) showing a band full of confidence behaving like rock stars and I don’t say it in any bad way. The full package is rich, full of excellent artistic photos and comes in a deluxe digi-pack. I know that someone that already has ‘The Satanist’ may hesitate on spending money on buying (actually) it’s live version but those whoever wants a top-notch black metal live album, won’t think it twice… The live Satanist aside, the Messe Noire DVD/Blu-ray features the rest of the band’s live set from Warsaw, including the rarely played Pure Evil And Hate, plus another complete live show from Brutal Assault in 2016 and several promo videos.

Leonidas Douras
Leonidas Douras
My name is called religion, sadistic, sacred whore.

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