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Bell – Tidecaller


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Genre: Doom Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: High Roller Records
Year: 2017

After the bitterness I felt with the last album by Procession, every new Doom record reaching my ears looked promising to me and more than welcome to the genre. Bell didn’t entirely shock me but “Tidecaller” is a notable album. Unfortunately there’s a noise focused whether the album -or even the band-, is Doom or not though. Ok, it surely looks like a limiting term especially for a close minded listener… But Bell themselves should overcome labels. A modern approach indeed, with looks at -and slightly flirts with- Mastodon, while their core is traditional 80’s and 90’s doom metal but with a fresh take of course. The vocals don’t need to get angrier with growls in order to have an extremity in the sound, strictly clean without many ups and downs, they don’t amaze but they are executed accurately, often giving a dose of epicness. The epicness boosts the genre so the Swedes don’t leave the opportunity to pass. The strong point is the guitars that, along with 2-3 really catchy choruses (see “Tidecaller” and “Secret Mountain”) make a statement like “we have come to stay”. Their origin is not apparent too much and I can’t see any melodic parts that remind of Gothenburg and between us, its better like that… They bring Pallbearer to mind, they have character, the skills and the compositions to continue. Time is the best teacher and Judge, so let’s don’t jump into conclusions, but surely the first impressions are very positive.


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