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Benighted – Carnivore Sublime


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Genre: Deathgrind, Deathcore, Death metal
Country: France
Label: Season of Mist
Year: 2014


What happens when you mix face melting death grind with death core style? What’s the result of trying to marry heavy groovy parts with relentless breakdowns and hellish pig squeals? Well the answer is simple… the seventh album of the French death core band Benighted is out!

You can find everything in this album’s tracks. Slow melodic and “creepy” parts, speedy grind parts galloping with the help of the nonstop blast beats, pig squeals like vocals that often even reaches to black metal stereotypes, you can even find dark moody intros and sounds of a woman or a baby crying!

The arrangement and the production leave you more than happy, supporting really well all the different music styles of the album. Straightforward sound heavy guitars, but also really clear drums allowing you to hear every single cymbal hit!

I personally noticed “Jekyll”, “Collection of Dead Portraits”, and “Carnivore Sublime” which in matter of fact are next to each other in the album and actually gives you a complete idea of the rest of it. And in fact that’s their biggest problem! No variety! Fair enough you have all these elements on your album still you have to try make your songs unique in a way. Still don’t stay in that, Carnivore Sublime is one of the heaviest stuff I heard this year, and the music production of Kristian Kohlmannslehner simply overwhelming.

By the way …I got the two disc version which includes two covers in Rammstein’s “Du riechsts so gut” and Machine Head’s “Old” …. You should seriously check this out!!!

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