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Beriedir – Aqva


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Genre: Progressive/Power Metal
Country: Italy
Label: Agonia Records
Year: 2022

Beriedir is a new group from Italy. From 2015 until today, they have released two EPs and two full length. If you compared their debut album “The Path Beyond the Moon”, with this year release entitled “Aqva” things are getting better as the band seems to be improved. I I’m referring in terms of song writing as now the band sounds more mature. They appear more settled in their sound. They try to wean themselves more than their influences and develop a more personal sound. Something they keep doing very well in all of their works is their high-quality lyrics. Sometimes philosophical, sometimes scientific, they keep the interest of the listener undiminished. This way, you come in closer contact with the group. Beriedir play progressive – power metal. Keyboards hold a prominent role, giving the feeling that in fact all compositions are based on them. Melodies are also a key element of the band while certainly Stefano Nusperli’s voice is something in which the band can rely on. They are quite reminiscent of their compatriots Vision Divine, but as you might already expected they are also influenced by masters of the genre such as Dream Theater. Those who like this kind of groups, I think will find Beriedir and their new album quite interesting. However, continuing their upward course, they will probably make a bigger audience and more fans that won’t strictly declare themselves as progsters.

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