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Bewized – Undead Legacy


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Genre: Groove Metal/Metalcore
Country: Greece
Label: NoiseHead Records
Year: 2013

Undead Legacy is the title of the Groove Metal /Metalcore, Bewized ‘s new album, coming from Thessaloniki, Greece. The band, who had released a demo with title “Carved Upon Your Bones” in 2008, and their full length album in 2010 with the title “The Scorch of Rage”, hits us again with their new album. The pure Metalcore character of “The Scorch of Rage” has been relegated to second place, and the band added many Groove Metal and Melodic Death elements, that they are accompanied with lyrics from the Greek Mythology! The vocals bring together growlings and clean parts, keeping the philosophy of Metalcore, but they are not following the Metalcore form with the usual Growls in the verse and clean vocals in the refrain. All of the tracks are full of “catchy” riffs and melodies, “obligating” the listener to sing them along with the guitars, the bass guitar cannot go unnoticed and the drums are not the common drums that you are used to listen in a Metalcore band. If when you saw the genre that Bewized are, came to your mind a non-stop blastbeat, then… forget it. Bewized are showing us the way of how you can have groove in your songs, playing a hell of a rhythm patterns, not because you have to, but because you really can. And the result is absolutely brilliant. Bewized have invited some guests in “Undead Legacy”. So, we have Soilwork’s Björn “Speed” Strid in “Heart Bled Dry”, and in “Medusa’s Head” we have Threat Signal’s Jon Howard that (except of singing) had produced, mixed and mastered the whole material and he surely did a great work that has nothing to be jealous of other great bands’ works. In conclusion, Bewized have not reinvented the wheel but on the other hand, “Undead Legacy” doesn’t give you the feeling that somehow, you have listened to again. It’s full of riffs and melodies, groove and fantasy and it’s out there waiting for new listeners. What are you waiting for? Give it a shot and listen it!


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