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Bio-Cancer – Tormenting The Innocent


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Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Candlelight Records
Country: Greece
Year: 2015

As the rapidly development of the black metal scene of our country left its mark on the global metal map about 25 years ago, likewise nowadays the thrash scene, especially the recent years, is brutally attacked by dozens of quality bands, reminiscent of the flare of the Bay Area scene. In the case of Bio-Cancer just when they started recording “Tormenting The Innocent” they kick-started a funding campaign asking help from their fans and whoever else wanted to help, of course, through the “Indiegogo”. In the course, Candlelight signed them, which came off as a little bit of surprise, since this label is not known for such decisions, especially with Greek bands. In the end, everything went as expected and the result pleased our ears. Nine tracks, just like their debut album, with the cover designed again by Andrei Bouzikov (whom many confuse with Ed Repka) and the production held by Mike Meleteas. Furthermore, the record was mixed and mastered by Andy Classen, so no further words are needed. Since there was no possibility of a better production in «Ear Piercing Thrash», here unfolds the talent of the band. They show some preference towards the thrash of both sides of the Atlantic and they don’t hesitate to try not-friendly-to the-genre things as well, like melodic death metal. I should make a special mention to the rhythm section that breaks bones. The decision to bring the bass ahead with John Lagoutaris, makes a soul deposit and works as a catalyst for the album, reminding Di Giorgio of Death era and Michael Gonzalez (Dark Angel) in “Darkness Descends”. If Steve listened the album, he would feel proud. Tomek kicks ass on drums, playing his ass off, as the guitarists do an excellent job. Those who come across this band for the very first time may be surprised by Lefteris’s vocals, since they are one of the most brutal and extreme ones that exist in the thrash genre. Better to keep a distance because in combination with the gang-backing vocals they will pierce your ears and rip your heads. The guys have developed their skills to some extent, managed to be extreme, technical, and melodic and often seem to overcome their limits. Almost all of the tracks are high-paced, with “Obligated To Incest”, “Bulletproof”, “Chemical Castration” standing out; apart from «F(r)iends Or Fiends» with an intro by cello, which flirts with melodic death metal. «Boxed Out» is the best track they’ve written.


Giorgos Athanasiou
Giorgos Athanasiou
I love you, I love you more than Jesus!

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