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Black Label Society – Grimmest Hits


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Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Spinefarm Records
Year: 2018

Lets set some things straight first, since this is neither a compilation album, nor a best of. It is true that the title might be misleading, while the artwork makes things more confusing. Now that we have cleared out that this is a full length studio release, let’s move on. To make a long story short, if we wanted to sum up the entire review of “Grimmest Hits” in just two words, those would be “Black Sabbath”; or to be even more precise, Zakk Sabbath. If you have checked out some live footage or their bandcamp page (Zakk Sabbath’s), and then hear even once the new BLS album, then you will know what Grimmest Hits is all about. As it has been 4 years since “Catacombs Of The Black” and at this gap there was out also the second part of “Book Of Shadows” as well, I guess now was the right time for the 10th BLS album to be released. If you love the prime era of the legendary British Heavy Metal band, especially the 1972-1973 years, then you will definitely like the new Zakk Wylde album. It’s not something new to mention, I know, or it’s not that we just discovered America when I tell you that Wylde praises the Iommi-Osbourne duo, both guitar and vocal wise, but this is the most Sabbath moment for him (I don’t even know which song is more typical right now…Disbelief? The Day That Heaven Had Gone Away? or the opening “Tramped Below”?) in his entire career. Some mentions to his earlier works could not be skipped, as well as the radio-like ballads such as “The Only Words” and “A Love Unreal”. There are some well written compositions, even though not that inspiring, lacking οriginality. However, they can be easily remembered and perfectly performned by this genre’s maitre, who is probably the only one that deserves to carry on the Ozzy-Iommi legacy the next few years, without it being a sick joke.


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