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Blaze Bayley – December Wind


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Είδος: Heavy Metal
Χώρα: Μ. Βρετανία
Εταιρία: Blaze Bayley Recordings
Έτος: 2018

Blaze Bayley is one of the most interesting what if’s of heavy metal history. His career changed overnight… from a relatively unknown singer in Wolfsbane he became the most talked about person of his time as he replaced Bruce Dickinson in titans Iron Maiden. The comparison, sometimes unfair, was a permanent burden on his shoulders. In the 2 records he managed to release with them, his characteristic dark voice left an imprint, but he never made it to win the hearts of the fans. The reunion came as no surprise, but Blaze, as bitter as he may have been, took advantage of the timing and started building his solo career, and here is where this ‘what if’ takes place… What if he had stayed Wolfsbane’s singer forever? Where would be Maiden be now if he was still the singer? Truth is that he only had to gain from his time with the band since he found himself with a fanbase that he holds till this day. Devoted to pure heavy metal, he remains one of the most productive musicians, an undeniable fact whether you like him or not. December Wind is something outside of that box since it is an acoustic album that he composed with Thomas Zwijse, who is known for his nylon renditions of electric songs, mostly Iron Maiden ones. In this collaboration, Anne Bakker helps along with her violin in some songs. Those who love Blaze’s dark and deep voice here have the chance to enjoy it stripped down and pure. The almost flamenco Eye Of The Storm and the … We Fell From The Sky stand out and since Blaze wasn’t born yesterday, he threw in some cheese for the Maiden fans with 2am and Sign Of The Cross in the bonus edition of the record. All in all it is an interesting attempt, that is addressed to hardcore Blaze and Maiden fans. The rest will have to wait for his next electrified release.

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