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Blind Assassin – Put To The Sword


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Genre: Epic Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Cult Metal Classics
Year: 2014

The Californians Blind Assassin were formed in 1985 by vocalist Kevin Jackson. Sadly though, the second half of the 80’s wasn’t a good time for a band like them. The reasons are too many to be analyzed here. So the coveted contract with a company never came. This resulted in a split in 1989. But the damage was already done, the demo of 1986 went down in history as one of the best samples, the American epic power scene ever offered. I have to say here that, Blind Assassin along with Enchanter (Defenders of the Realm), the Dutch Valkyrie (Deeds of Prowess) and Italians Wotan (Thunderstorm), were the only bands that in my humble opinion managed (even in the minimum) to catch the feeling and atmosphere of the absolute gods of Heavy Metal, MANOWAR.

Cult Metal Classics thus continues its successful run and offers us the ultimate Blind Assassin package. The three tracks of the demo along with seven bonus tracks, of which five are recorded from various rehearsals of the band and the last two taken from a live show. The album starts with the imposing ‘Put To The Sword’. Sovereign mid-tempo pace, robust playing and amazing guitars that literally reap. This is the pure / crashing epic metal. The acoustic intro of ‘Assassin’ is the calm before the storm. The speed rises, the guitars rage and the bass and drums pound mercilessly. The spirit of Manowar can be found here also, as well as the band’s love for the American power metal in the vein of Jag Panzer. ‘Warfare’ follows in the footsteps of the previous. With one of the best choruses of the genre and incredibly, vivid vocal performance from Kevin, triumphantly closes the first part of the album. The next five diamonds from the rehearsal really made me think. What could be accomplished if this band was given the opportunity? But again, as always I return to the same answer. The real, the hardcore, the obscure, the proud, the fiery epic metal is written by few, for the few. Black shadow stifles the space in the amazing ‘Death Angel’s Shadow’. The greatness of ‘Lost At Sea’ is difficult to describe. Shuddering. Like the cold steel that cuts the hot, pulsating flesh. The great ‘Witch’s Sin’, the haunting ‘What Lies In The Tomb’ and finally the least impressive but again very good ‘Noble Beast Of The Air’ closes the second part of this ode to the absolute, glorious, inspirational heavy metal.

The last swing of the axe comes with ‘Arme Blanche’ and ‘Leatherwing’. Recorded live, they give us a taste of how great this band was in concert. Both amazing compositions, excellent samples of US power. The raw sound although improved significantly on the demo songs is not an issue. The bottom line is the great feeling that conveys the material and believe me there is plenty. ‘Put To The Sword’ is an imperative buy for the initiates of this sound.


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