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Blut Aus Nord & Ævangelist split announced


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French black metallers Blut Aus Nord have revealed the track listing and artwork for the band’s anticipated split release with Americans Ævangelist, ‘Codex Obscura Nomina’ due to be unleashed 6/17/2016 via Debemur Morti Productions.

blut aus nord, black aevangelist

“Codex Obscura Nomina” contains 5 sonic nightmares :

– Evanescent Hallucinations (Blut Aus Nord)

– Resonnance(s) (Blut Aus Nord)

– The Parallel Echöes (Blut Aus Nord)

– Infra-Voices Ensemble (Blut Aus Nord)

– Threshold of the Miraculous (Ævangelist)

The conceptual artwork has been realized by Daniel Valencia from Fenomeno Design. This nightmarish release will be available on June 17th on Digipack CD and Digital. The vinyl release date is yet to be confirmed.

“Codex Obscura Nomina”… or the Saint Vitus Dance.

Kostas Koutsiaridas
Kostas Koutsiaridas
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