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Body Count – Bloodlust


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Genre:  Thrash Metal/ Groove / Rap/ Crossover
Country: U.S.A.
Label:  Century Media Records/ Sony Music
Year: 2017

“Me and Ernie C wanted a metal band influenced by Black Sabbath, Suicidal Tendencies and Slayer”. Thus spoke Ice T in the beginning of the Raining Blood/Postmortem medley which is somewhere in the middle of their new album and this is exactly what you’ll hear in Bloodlust. I will add some Rage Against the Machine plus a few Rap elements too, especially in the vocal line which fit in perfectly. The result? Another fine album from Body Count. From the opening doom of Civil War (in which Mustaine participates in the lead guitars) that turns to speed metal mayhem all the way to Black Hoodie that closes the album, you get Ice T in great shape, spitting out his lyrics who would stand alone in an album even without the music. Cause this is street words, shootouts and endless hatred towards the system, all with the characteristic Ice T way. And nevermind all his time consuming, outer music activities. The quality is high here. Also there’s great work in the guitars from Ernie C and Juan Of The Dead which is none other than Juan Garcia (Agent Steel, Evildead, Abattoir). Now I see your eyebrow raised ,my fellow classic speedmetalhead right? Part from Mustaine, in Bloodlust they have guests like Max Cavalera, Randy Blythe in the It-doesn’t-get-more-Slayerish-than-this Walk With Me, Jackie Kajzer and Jason C.Miller, even Ice T’s son, Little Ice! All of the above surely add to whole thing but really Body Count don’t need anyone with songs like The Ski Mask Way, This Is Why We Ride or No Lives Matter. Comparing the new album with the very good previous Manslaughter, this one’s heavier, darker and better in result. So they hit the spot. Al that remains is for them to hit the spot in people’s ears too, at least in our parts because the album is doing great in the rest of the world so we can see them again and relive a great gig like the one we saw 20 years ago when they first visit Greece. Great job guys!


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